Bui Accessories: Where Luxury Meets Elegance

Inspired by bold colours, sophistication, and elegance, Bui Accessories presents its brand-new collection of stunning accessories that exude both whimsy and refinement. It’s evident that a single piece from this collection has the power to elevate and transform any outfit, a characteristic that embodies the essence of the Bui brand—the “Bui Signature.” So indulge your eyes in a collection that is truly BUI.

Bui Accessories is more than a brand; it is an embodiment of sophistication, a manifestation of artistry, and an homage to the enduring power of femininity. Founded with visionary zeal, we embarked on a journey to redefine the very essence of contemporary accessory wear. Our pieces, carefully curated and meticulously crafted, are an ode to beauty that knows no bounds.

Every accessory bearing the Bui signature is more than a piece of adornment; it is an extraordinary testament to the union of opulence and individuality. Our founder’s discerning eye, honed through haute couture catwalks and the pulsating rhythm of current street styles, breathes life into every creation. Each piece, an astonishing work of art, bears the mark of thoughtful craftsmanship, promising a source of unparalleled joy to every woman who wears it.

Luxury jewelry isn’t about flaunting wealth; it’s about knowing your worth and adorning yourself with pieces that reflect your inner radiance.


Photoshoot Credit:


Accessories Line: Bui Accessories


Photographer: Emmanuel Oyeleke


Creative Director: Chiazor Ejekam

Stylist: Chiazor Ejekam


Model: Jessica Duru

Makeup and Hair:

Makeup Artist: Lokengo

Hairstylist: Kenneth Orji


Beige dress: Afrikcouture

Black dress: Niovoofficial

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