This year, as we celebrate another chapter in the story of Chiazor Ejekam and her beloved Bui, the theme “This is Bui” that whispers loudest is not just love but a tapestry woven from its very essence. It’s a melody spun from the vibrant threads of passion, dedication, and the unwavering belief that beauty can transform the world.

“This is Bui” is not just about breathtaking fabrics and exquisite accessories. It’s about the invisible threads that connect Chiazor’s vision to the hearts of those who experience her creations. It’s the love for the artistry of a perfectly woven texture, the thrill of discovering a hidden gem in a bustling market, and the joy of seeing a dream manifest as a garment that whispers with elegance.

We see this love etched in the way Chiazor curates her collections, handpicking each piece with the discerning eye of a connoisseur and the warmth of a storyteller. In her eyes, a shimmering silk isn’t just fabric; it’s a potential brushstroke in a masterpiece yet to be woven. A handcrafted bead isn’t just an embellishment; it’s a tiny spark of light ready to ignite a constellation of confidence.

“This is Bui,” then, not just a trend but an artistry and an evolution in creativity around the world.

So, on this day, as she celebrates another year in the ever-evolving story of Bui, she has passionately created and styled 3 looks pulled from her fabric and accessory line. She also takes us through the creative process and magical moments to achieve these eye-catching looks from 1 to 3.



A gorgeous powder blue creation.
The best way to describe this look would be opulent, whimsical and Avant-garde. The beaded bust, flouncy tulle skirt and delicate beading gives a breath of fresh air. We paired with stunning jewels from @buiaccessories #SZN 2 collection. These tiny elements bring the look together soo perfectly.



The perfect combination of glitz and glamour.
The gorgeous Zainab Panel by @buifabrics carefully tailored by @afrikcouture and created this perfect look. Little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of pearls.



This breathtaking piece is a visual delight. The colour combination, the crystals, and the design are truly The Bianca Crystal Tulle has a very unusual design. We played into this by creating a piece that gave rock star chic. By this time you know that BUI has a love/love relationship with tulle, so the added tulle detail gave this look an unmistakable BUI touch. Accessories will always play a huge role in any outfit. Peep the silver jewels and sunnies with bring the entire look together.                    

Creative direction and styling Chiazor Ejekam

Accessories @buiaccessories
Fabrics @buifabrics
Makeup Artist @t.alamodebeauty
Photographer @emmanueloyeleke
Dress @afrikcouture
Videographer @eddie_maven
Hairstylist @kenbeautyworld
Lace installation @adefunkeee_salon

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