Chiazor Ejekam

— Founder

Our founder is inspired by the best fashion houses of the world. She is driven by the need to provide the best fabrics to meet our clients’ needs and watching designers turn them into beautiful garments. It gives her pure joy. Applying her background in fine art, she is creative and discerning in curating our fabric collections. Buifabrics will provide the magic needed to create your dream outfit for that special occasion irrespective of your budget.

Buifabrics specializes in the most fabulous fabrics you will ever lay your eyes on. Our collections are exquisite, whimsical, and divine.

Are you looking for a fabric to suit those super special occasions? That red carpet event? The wedding of your dreams? That party you are preparing for? You are in the right place. By the time we are done you will look like a bombshell.