What is a Chantilily Lace?


Although Chantilly lace is a surefire option for a bridal dress, it is always stunning for finishing your skirts, silk summer dresses or embellishing your lingerie.

Chantilly lace fabric is a type of bobbin lace traditionally created out of black threads and featuring floral or botanical patterns on a point d’esprit or net background. Its name originates from the city of Chantilly in France where such a lace concept was first designed.

In the rank of fashionistas’ preferences all over the world, this lace sort traditionally takes the highest scores due to the fineness and complexity of patterns. Besides its elegance, the production process has always been complex too, that’s why this fabric is still widely perceived as a true luxury statement. This delicate material never ceases to exude its ineffable charm, and the world’s leading fashion houses regularly use it in their collections. However, this French lace sort would never enjoy even a bit of its present popularity if it was reserved for catwalks or special occasions only.

We hope this article gives you an insight into what a chantilly is and its origin and see you in our next blogpost

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