In case you are wondering what is a brooch? It is an ornament that is held by a pin or clasp worn at or near the neck area, best pronounced as \ ˈbrōch also ˈbrüch \.

Queen Elizabeths II has served her 93 years on earth with an effortless and modern-day style regardless of her royalty status and we admire her for that. You will always find her sticking to the fashion uniform of a coat dress accessorized with a matching hat, gloves, pearls, and most importantly a brooch. This has captured the hearts of many brooch lovers across the globe including me Chi Bui.

Over the years luxury jewelry designers have taken the brooch design to a whole new level while breaking the rules of keeping it simple and Queen Elizabeth II really rocked this evolution without being apologetic about it. Let’s scroll through Queen Elizabeth II’s best brooch-style moments that are living rent-free in our minds and my oh my we will never forget!

I never feel dressed without a bag and a statement brooch

Queen Elizabeth II
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