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Sequin fabrics are the staple for attention-grabbing glamour. However, It is common knowledge to Ladies and a select few gentlemen that sequined Fabrics are prone to causing the dreaded itch.  It’s that horrid feeling you get when the fabric brushes against your skin. That dreadful feeling can make you want to take the whole garment off and change it to something else. But fear not for the “Bui Garment Fairy” is here to offer you a quick solution to this problem.

“Fashion shouldn’t hurt”

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  1. One of the most effective solutions is to make sure your sequined fabric is lined with a plush and soft lining, (we recommend soft satin from our BUI SATIN COLLECTION) Once the sequined fabric is lined appropriately, there will be little contact with your skin and the soft satin will leave your skin feeling protected.

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2. Another method is to ensure that if you notice that the edges of each individual sequin are a little rough, ensure you opt for a long sleeve style. Selecting a long sleeve style option will ensure your arms don’t brush up against the sides of your garment. This will in turn reduce the chances of any friction between your skin and the fabric.

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Photo Credits: Vogue Runway

3. Another potential alteration to the dress would be to have a tailor remove the sequins from the area that is causing the itch. Adding a different type of fabric like mixed with lace or Ankara to your designed sequin dress may also help. If you’re not willing to change the dress, you can try using a product designed for athletes to reduce chafe. Do this then opt for option two above.

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