In October 2020, in the midst of arguably the most serve global health crisis the world has experienced Buifabrics decided to take a leap of faith and venture into a creative collaboration with a number is truly talented creatives to produce a remarkable project. And we were so pleased that Afrikcouture was able to come on that journey with us. This remarkable fashion house produced 3 gorgeous outfits for this shoot. We have referred countless clients to them with no regrets. Come along with us as we interview the brain box behind this couturier by the name of Jite Urevbu-Eze. She is kind and patient and forever ready to slay any clients outfit. Jite gives us an insight into the fabrics she loves to work with, what inspires her remarkable creations and what her typical day is like. This should be a fun ….. ,

Q: How did Afrikcouture come about? And can you tell us where the name came from. Also how long have you been designing? 

A:  The idea started when I was in college . I was part of a multicultural African organization, we would go for fashion shows and our outfits had to have some sort of Ankara in it and I ended up being the one in charge of the outfits and one thing led to another.

I had some help from a friend , being in Texas I wanted something that would let you know this was and African designer and after my years in school I understood what the word couture meant and I wanted to make couture dresses for the rest of my life.

I’ve been designing for about 8years now.

Q: What did you study at University? 

A: I studied public health for 4years and after that fashion design for 2years

Q: What sort of fabric do you love to work with and what’s your least favorite?

A: I like plain fabric because it allows you tell a story ,the lines ,the pleats , the drapes !! It’s really amazing .When you find that perfect fabric that molds to the body it’s a win. On the flip side I love heavily beaded fabric!! When it’s well tailored , it’s a sight to behold ..

least favorite hmm! I’d have to think about that.

Q: What inspires you to create such amazing outfits? 

A:  Personally , I get inspiration from the fabric !!! It’s easy to sketch out a design and imagine what would work here and there but until you see that fabric everything is blur ! There are times where I would go to the fabric store and end up getting something totally different from what was planned. When I started out my mother was my biggest inspiration! She was and is a fashionista! She’s my biggest cheerleader! She allows me do whatever with her fabric and inspires me to be better.

Q: What challenges do you face as the founder of a fashion business in Nigeria? 

A:   I don’t know if I have enough space to type this out !! Starting a business in Nigeria is HARD WORK !! I don’t know how I’m still open but we thank God.

Getting good workers has been the greatest challenge! I can’t do everything myself! In order for the company to run smoothly you need division of labor ! Most people don’t want to put in the work but want to get paid ! Other want to cut corners .

Basic amenities not readily available!

Q: Can you take us through your ideal workday, we are curious to hear what you get up to? 

A: So every morning I try to touch base with clients .I try to keep them informed on the progress of their outfits , get to work , give everyone their daily assignments! Set up fittings and pickups ….get on the machine myself and do some work !

Q: What principles, would you say, you need to be a successful entrepreneur? 

A:  Integrity , honesty and respect!!

These three have helped me a lot.. when I find myself in a bind I look for what’s missing and it usually helps the situation

Q: What are your top tips in educating clients on the best style to suit their body shape?


Q: What challenges do you face sourcing fabric in Nigeria?

A:  Sourcing fabric is difficult because most vendors carry the same product . Production and delivery time for unique or customized pieces is another hurdle

Q: What  sort of outfits would you love your clients to ask you to make? 

A: Red carpet !!! Avant-garde!! Couture !! I need to put out more outfits that showcase what I can do . I don’t want to be boxed into making a certain type of outfit! It gets boring after a while.

Q: Can you share any memorable moments from when you first launched Afikcouture? 

A:  Being featured in D -magazine, having a fashion show with over 18 garments ! I think those have been my major moments

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self, just about to launch your business? 

A:    Make sure you have a passion !! Because there are times you would want to give up ! Be business oriented because people will try to take advantage of you ! Don’t be too hard on yourself , and don’t compare your journey with others !

OK, quick-fire questions

Q: What is your must-have fashion item? 

A: A perfectly fitted pair of jeans ,, it’s goes with anything

Q: Do you prefer sweet or savoury? 

A:  Sweet

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

A: Chocolate

Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix? 

A:  Lol I don’t remember when last I watched Netflix.. but I enjoyed YOU and GREENLEAF

Q: Perfect holiday destination? 

A:  Maldives

Q: Who’s your celeb style icon? 


Q: Are you single? 

A:  NO .. married with a little 2 year old

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