The Story Behind Aso-Ebi

I don’t know about you guys but one of the things I miss the most about going out to a party or wedding is the aso-ebi. 

Everything from deciding on a colour scheme for the event to fabric shopping, and then deciding on what style to make. Nothing beats looking back at the photos of the whole family, all donning the same fabric. 

As soon as they say we can party again, I’ll be the first to solicit for party invite…….I must rock aso-ebi oooo. 

It got me thinking about the cultural significance of aso-ebi, and why it’s so important to us as Nigerians. 

Aso-ebi, as you know, literally means ‘family outfit’. Beyond the glamour of wearing the same fabric at a party, aso-ebi also acts as a form of identification, that we are the same community, the same family. 

If you arrived at a wedding, for example, simply by scanning the room you’d be able to tell easily who belonged to the bride’s family versus the groom’s family, even if you didn’t know the family personally. And by choosing to wear the same aso-ebi as the celebrant, you’re also publicly celebrating with them. It shows your support for them. 

However, there are people who think that aso-ebi just widens the divide between the rich and poor – there can be up to 5 aso-ebi at an event, some visibly more expensive than others. Because of this, some say that aso-ebi has lost its original purpose and just serves as a display of wealth. Do you agree with this school of thought? Let me know in the comments below.

Personally, I don’t think this is the case. I think the fact that there are aso-ebi available at different price points – all beautiful by the way – just makes it more accessible. You don’t have to be rich in order to join in the celebration. 

Another thing I love about aso-ebi is how it has passed down through generations. Nigerians, even in diaspora, can still rock their aso-ebi in unique and modern styles. It becomes a way for them to showcase their heritage in a new and modern way, ultimately giving it a wider appeal. 

Even our fellow African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania to mention a few have also adopted our aso-ebi style as their own. This is probably the most flattering compliment to us and further emphasises how important and integral the Asoebi tradition is. 

Aso-ebi is no longer limited to just weddings or celebrations, but actually you can wear it whenever you want.

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