What is lame fabric?

We wear all sorts of gorgeous fabric these days. Sadly, have no idea what they are called, what they are made of, or more importantly ……how to take care of them.

Today, let’s talk abit about the irresistible fabric called Lamé.

What is Lamé ?

Lamé pronounced (/la:mei/; lah-MAY) is a type of cloth with metallic threads. It is usually made of natural materials like silk, viscose, cotton, wool or synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide or nylon.

Lamé fabric can be made with metallic fibers for exclusive garments. Metal coated plastic can also be used for more affordable ones.

Synthetic fibers make the fabric lighter ( say hello to a flouncy windswept outfit for that fabulous photo shoot ???? ). Synthetic fibers are also easier to care for and handle when sewing. Those crazy styles you have in mind may just fly with this feature of Lamé.

How do I care for my Lamé fabric ?

Lamé is a dry-clean only fabric. Avoid horror stories and please stick to dry cleaners that are skilled and have experience with dealing with such delicate fabrics. Why you ask? Some chemicals may damage the fabric. Please we don’t want anything bad happened to that fabulous outfit your tailor made for you.

It is not recommended to iron Lamé cloth because the heat can melt metallic fibers. Please don’t dry it in the washing machine either. Keep your Lamé apparel from direct heat or sunlight. If you must remove wrinkles, use an iron at the lowest setting and press from the wrong side of the garment. While ironing place a pressing cloth (eg. A while cotton hankerchief) between the fabric and your iron.

Moisture may cause tarnishing of the metallic yarn, so keep it in a dry place. Have dehumidifier pellets in the wardrobe or those tiny silica gel packs in the bag with your outfit. Lamé is prone to snagging and fraying. Be careful when wearing a Lamé cloth. A small snag can damage your stunning Lamé garment. When wearing lamé, avoid brushing against rough surfaces to reduce snags and tears.

How do I wear Lamé?

Lamé is the darling of most red-carpet designers. It looks luxurious in photos and is flattering on most figures. It can be used for delicate evening gowns, party dresses, tops, and skirts. We do not recommend this Lamé be used to make trousers as the friction between the thighs may stretch the fabric.

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