Behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot

A couple of months ago, we had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented set of Nigerian designers to put together a unique collection of outfits using our fabrics. It was intended to be a celebration of fabric – it’s the vital ingredient of every killer outfit. 

It was the first of its kind and our collection was featured in a wide range of publications – from Bellanaija weddings, Sugarweddings, AsoEbi Bella, LoveWeddings NG and Wedding Digest Naija to mention a few.

The feedback we got from colleagues in the industry and from you, our clients, was fantastic – with many of those fabrics selling out quickly from our website. 

Of course, the question many of you had was ‘Where did I get the inspiration to do this from?’ Well, sit down, grab a snack and a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and let me tell you all about it.

Q: So tell us, what inspired you to do this shoot/create this collection? 

A: I was inspired by the need to focus on the importance of fabric and the role it plays in the creation of ANY gorgeous garment. As a fabric store, it was important to highlight our relevance in the fashion space.

Q: Did you have in mind, from the beginning, how many looks you were going to create? 

A: Well,  initially we wanted to create 12 looks ; 3 birthday looks, 3 wedding reception looks and 1 look each representing the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. But settled with 9 outfits. No one tells you how difficult it is to put a collection together. Ha! 

Q: How did you go about choosing the designers you worked with on the collection? 

A: We chose designers we admired as well as ones we had already worked with in some way. We always look for designers who are not afraid to push boundaries. They are true artisans who commit fully to their craft.  

Q: You always say that it’s the fabric that makes the outfit. For each look, did you choose the fabric that was used, or did the designer? What was the reasoning behind the fabric chosen for each outfit? 

A: Long and short, the fabric inspired most of the looks. We chose fabrics that we really wanted viewers to appreciate and fall in love with, fabrics that speak to the soul of both the designers and the viewers. But we also found that designers get inspired creatively and excited when you allow them to choose the fabrics to use. 

Q: If I’m preparing for a big event, would you recommend I choose the fabric first, and then create the design, or the other way around (to have agreed on a design first and then find a fabric that matches? 

A: Frankly it all depends on the client. If you are in love with a particular design, only certain fabrics will work with said design and vice versa. So it all depends on what the client wants.

Q: Do you have any more collections planned? 

A: By God’s grace, most definitely. We are only just starting. 

Q: How do you source such beautiful fabrics? 

A: We source our fabrics from all around the world. Quality and craftsmanship are very important to us. We also strive to offer a diverse range of fabrics that appeal to different clients and occasions.  

Q: What’s your favourite look from the collection? 

A: Nah, you can’t ask me that! That’s like asking a mummy which child is her favorite.  I am in love with every single one. They are all beyond gorgeous, in fact they are all epic.

Q: Who is your favourite designer? 

A: Ha! Are you trying to get me in trouble? 

Q: If you had to choose only one fabric that you would make all your future outfits from, what fabric would it be and why? 

A: Probably Brocade, not sure why, but it has such a hold on me. I am in love with it ; the textures, colours…. It’s absolutely glorious. From the high end to the low end, there is something for everyone. The rich gold threads…… whoosh.. It screams royalty.

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